To enhance your cake and the occasion, we have a wide range of flavorings, fillings and decorative accessories available to make your cakes the focus of your special occasion.

The number-one choice of cake frosting is our scrumptiously homemade buttercream, carefully blended to give a rich French Vanilla taste with a magical hint of lemon and almond.

In cakes, our “CROWD PLEASERS” are the Mexican Vanilla which comes from the beans of beautifully tropical orchid plants and the French Vanilla. For years, these have been our two most popular selections for wedding cakes and nearly every other occasion. We also create works of art with rolled fondant, although we opt not to use it as frosting because our buttercream tastes soooo much better! We also have a wide array of additional cake flavors and fillings available, many of which are listed below:


Raspberry • Strawberry • Orange • Lemon

Pineapple • Cherry

Chocolate • Mocha • Butter • Fudge • Devil’s Food

German Chocolate • Italian Cream

Carrot Cake • Spice Cake • Red Velvet


Raspberry • Strawberry • Fudge

Peach • Apricot • Cherry

Cream Cheese • Lemon • Pineapple • Coconut

Vanilla Cream • Bavarian Cream

Almond Cream • Kahlua Cream • Amaretto Cream

Raspberry Fudge • Chocolate Cream • Gourmet Fudge

Golden Butter • Black Walnut

Strawberries and Cream • Chocolate Mousse

Kahlua Cream • Gran Marnier

Hazelnut Cream • Hazelnut Fudge

(All liqueur fillings are available)

For groom’s cakes, we offer Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or other fruits of your choice), and we specialize in painting the little “tuxedos” on the strawberries that adorn your extraordinary cake!

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